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– Gently muddle a slice of fresh ginger in a mixing glass. – Then add the rest of ingredients with ice. – Stir over…
May 25, 20178679 viewsEasy Cocktails
– Add all the ingredients into a mixing glass.– Gently stir over ice and strain into a rocks glass.– Garnish with an…
May 22, 20173620 viewsClassic Cocktails
Cinco de Mayo
– Gently muddle the red bell-pepper and raspberries together into the mixing glass. – Add barspoon of agave syrup to dissolve with lemon…
May 7, 20176788 viewsSummer Cocktails
Eva Gimplet
– Muddle a slice of fresh ginger into a mixing glass.– Then add the rest of ingredients and filled up with fresh…
May 3, 20174402 viewsClassic Cocktails
– Add all the ingredients into mixing glass and fill up with ice. – Shake vigorously and strain into an ice filled…
April 19, 20177499 viewsRum Cocktails
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