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The Dutch Still Life
First middle the Mint Sprig and put all ingredients in the shaker filled with ice. Stir until cold and strain into the…
January 21, 20176775 viewsWinter Cocktails
Wasted Away
Shake all ingredients with shaker field with ice until ice cold. Strain into glass with a salted rim and garnish with nice…
December 25, 201610603 viewsEasy Cocktails, Simple Cocktails, Sour Cocktails, Tequila Cocktails
Ginger Molasses Old Fashioned
Stir all ingredients and strain them in the glass with fresh ice. Ginger Molasses Syrup recipe: 1 cup – Water 1 1/4…
December 21, 20163020 views
The Antihero
Put all ingredients in shaker field with ice and shake it. Pour everything in the glass and enjoy your The Antihero…
September 10, 20168678 viewsEasy Cocktails, Simple Cocktails, Tequila Cocktails
Water Lily
  Shake over a lot of ice and serve in a glass also field with ice. Garnish with Orange or Lemon.
September 9, 20163090 viewsGin Cocktails
Le Jacques Strap
  Stir in a cocktail glass, strain into a coupe glass, garnish with a lemon twist.
May 7, 20163421 viewsGin Cocktails
Chi Chi
To prepare Adios Motherfucker you first have to pour all the ingredients except Grenadine in the cocktail shaker filled with ice. Then you…
July 22, 20153348 viewsSummer Cocktails, Vodka Cocktails, Vodka Drinks
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