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Strawberry Margarita Jell-O shots
First, you will need to prepare strawberries. Cut a tiny part of the strawberries bottom so the berry can stand upright and…
March 26, 2017301 viewsTequila Cocktails
Meadow Flower
Put all ingredients in shaker field with ice and shake until ice cold. Double strain and enjoy! You can garnish the drink with…
February 15, 2017394 viewsGin Cocktails
Amaretto Sour
For Amaretto Sour pour all ingredients except Egg White in shaker field with ice. Shake until ice cold. After that remove the…
February 15, 2017329 viewsSour Cocktails
Genever Kumquat Mule
In a Copper Mug, add Lime Juice and Kumquat halves (optionally you can also add 0.75 cl of Ginger Syrup) and muddle it.…
February 4, 2017482 viewsGin Cocktails
Uh Oa!
Put all ingredients together with the crushed ice in a scorpion bowl (or whatever you have around, it just needs to be…
Going Ham
Awesome Tiki Cocktail suitable for Christmas party. First you will need to dissolve all the Brown Sugar in the Lemon Juice. After…
January 21, 2017443 viewsRum Cocktails, Tiki Cocktails, Winter Cocktails
The Dutch Still Life
First middle the Mint Sprig and put all ingredients in the shaker filled with ice. Stir until cold and strain into the…
January 21, 2017355 viewsWinter Cocktails
Hold The Door
Put all ingredients together and you will get delicious boozy minty hot chocolate. Cocktail is made by Lee Dalton from Six Arms…
January 20, 2017437 viewsHot Drinks
Muddle 3/4 of Lime, Honey, and Simple Syrup in mixing glass. Add ice and vodka, stir until chilled. Strain into the glass…
January 17, 20171558 viewsSummer Cocktails, Vodka Cocktails, Vodka Drinks
Grey Garden
First, combine all ingredients and give it a nice dry shake (without ice in the shaker). Shake for at least 30 seconds,…
January 16, 2017890 viewsGin Cocktails
Blood Orange Sage
Shake St. Germain, Triple Sec and Blood Orange Juice. Top with Sparkling Wine and garnish with Sage Leaf. Enjoy! Cocktail made by Victor…
January 14, 2017353 viewsChampagne Cocktails
The Xander Cage
The Xander Cage is cocktail inspired by movie xXx: Return of Xander Cage. Why red color? I guess you will need to…
January 13, 2017468 viewsEasy Cocktails
The Passion Fruit Kicker
Put all ingredients in shaker field with ice and shake until ice cold. Double strain to keep all of the Passion Fruit…
January 9, 2017794 viewsVodka Cocktails, Vodka Drinks
Not a Tree’s Knees
Add Paprika, Maple Syrup, Lemon Juice and 3 sage leaves in shaker field with ice and shake until everything is ice cold.…
January 6, 2017316 viewsWinter Cocktails
The Winnie Dixie
Stir all the ingredients and garnish with a Grapefruit wedge.
January 3, 20176718 viewsEasy Cocktails, Simple Cocktails
Put all ingredients in mixing glass and still until very cold. Strain into a serving glass and garnish with a lemon…
January 2, 2017986 viewsGin Cocktails
John Wayne’s Pocket
Add ingredients in a tumbler in this order: Lime Juice, 2 ice cubes, Mezcal, fill with Grapefruit Juice, add one grind of…
January 1, 2017461 viewsWinter Cocktails
The Green Hat
Stir and strain Whiskey, Demerara and Aromatic Bitters over a large ice cube. Top with a bar spoon of Green Chartreuse and…
December 31, 2016488 viewsWinter Cocktails
Vieux Carre
Stir all ingredients and add a lemon twist for the garnish.
December 30, 2016838 viewsWinter Cocktails
The Straight Fire
This cocktail was heavily inspired by the Smackdown Women’s Champion and everybody’s favorite Irish Lass Kicker, Becky Lynch. First, light Cinnamon Stick…
December 29, 2016893 viewsWinter Cocktails
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