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White Chocolate Espresso Martini


Homemade White Chocolate Liqueur
3 oz
Walnut Liqueur
1/2 oz
Toschi Nocello
1 oz
White Chocolate
Grated for garnish

Preparation mode:

Put all ingredients in shaker field with ice and shake until ice cold. Double strain in coupe glass and garnish with grated white chocolate. Enjoy in your alcoholic dessert!

Recipe for homemade white chocolate liqueur from the author of the cocktail:

I made the liqueur by melting around 250g of white chocolate with 200ml of whole milk. After the chocolate melted I added 300g sweetened condensed milk and 200ml thickened cream, let it simmer on a low flame for about 10minutes then poured into plastic containers to cool in the fridge. After cooling you need to fine strain the mixture (it forms a skin) and add about 150ml of whichever overproof spirit you have around. Decant into bottles and leave in the fridge, shaking before use.

Author of the cocktail is Damon from #meatballandwinebar.