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Henny Colada
Put all ingredients in shaker field with ice. Shake until cold and pour into highball glass. Enjoy!
August 20, 20154882 viewsTropical Drinks
Alien Brain Hemorrhage
To make an Alien Brain Hemorrhage cocktail, fill a shot glass with Peach Schnapps and put Bailey’s Irish Cream on top. Add a…
July 22, 20156429 viewsShots
To prepare good loking B52 you have to layer the ingredients in next order: first pour in Kahlua, then Bailey’s Irish Cream and at…
July 21, 20154708 viewsIBA Official Cocktails, Shots
Sea Breeze
To prepare Sea Breeze you have to pour all ingredients in a glass filled with ice and strain a little. Garnish your cocktail…
July 21, 20154192 viewsIBA Official Cocktails, Vodka Cocktails, Vodka Drinks
Cuba Libre
To prepare Cuba Libre, we first have to wash the lime and slice it to 8 peaces. Then we squeeze the juice…
July 19, 201563660 viewsSimple Cocktails, Summer Cocktails
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