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Lime Tower
Put one ice and one lime slice alternately into the glass until its full. After that pour Blue Curacao, Vodka and finish it with…
Angry Smurf
Shake all ingredients in shaker field with ice and double strain it into shot glass. Cheers!
May 13, 20165023 viewsEasy Cocktails, Rum Cocktails, Shots, Simple Cocktails
Pour all ingredients into shaker with ice cubes and shake. After that strain in glass full of ice.
August 21, 20153884 viewsNon-alcoholic, Simple Cocktails, Summer Cocktails
Caribbean Lovers
Put all the ingredients into shaker with ice cubes and shake. Garnish with orange slice.
August 11, 20154438 viewsLong Drinks
Winter Fairytale
Mix crushed iced and Blue Curacao in shot glass and fill it with Irish Cream. Bonus picture: Failed attempt 🙂
August 11, 201518645 viewsShots, Winter Cocktails
Homemade Orange Bacardi Breezer
For homemade orange Bacardi Breezer you will need to put White Rum and Orange Juice into shaker with ice cubes and shake. At…
August 11, 20155382 viewsLong Drinks, Simple Cocktails
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