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Tubi 60: Pure Happiness In A Glass
Established in 2012, Tubi 60 has been blessing the taste buds of its consumers for five years. Hilal and Yanai Tubi, the Israeli brothers who created the alcoholic beverage, wanted to create a drink that could be enjoyed without the fear of a mind-numbingly painful hangover the next day.

Tubi 60 Original
Tubi 60’s one of a kind recipe infuses 40 percent alcohol with citrus elements, herbs, spices, flower, and tree extracts to form an explosion of flavor. Unlike any other alcohol drink on the market, Tubi is an all-natural, gluten free product designed to enhance the drinking experience.

Tubi is versatile in nature, it allows bitter, sour, and mildly sweet flavors to be enjoyed in harmony. In addition, Tubi was created with a 3-in-1 enjoy ability factor. Meaning their consumers can choose to indulge in their drink with either a shot, a cocktail, or even as a simple mixer. While you can tailor your Tubi experience to your liking, Tubi recommends that if you're having a Tubi night, you make it solely a Tubi night.

Tubi 60 is Pure Happiness
Tubi's overall promise is to provide its consumers with pure happiness. With Tubi you know exactly what you’re getting, there are no secrets. Why prolong your happiness even further? Pour yourself some Tubi 60 today!

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tubi submitted a new recipe:
Extended Tubi Tonic
Combine all ingredients but Tonic in a mixing glass and stir well. Fill a highball glass with ice and pour in. Top with Tonic. Garnish with cucumber, basil and mint.
7 January 2018, 17:01
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